St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Quebec City
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Welcome to the museum of St. Andrew's church, located in the former vestry immediately adjacent to the sanctuary. During the war between England and France over the Americas a battle took place here in Quebec City in the year 1759. A military unit of the British troops that was of Scottish origin, the 78th Fraser Highlanders, arrived here for the battle of Quebec. The unit participated in the battle of Louisbourg and the battle of the Plains of Abraham. This regiment, as was customary, was accompanied by a chaplain, the Rev. Robert MacPherson. After the war many units were garrisoned here in Quebec and the Fraser Highlanders were one of them. The first services were held during the Quebec campaign. After the fall of Quebec the soldiers worshipped in a room set apart for them in the Jesuit College until 1807 (where the city hall now stands). Later the services were held in the Court house until 1810. At first the congregation was military, often joined by men of other units stationed here. Later under the Reverend George Henry in 1765 the congregation slowly moved from a military congregation to a civilian one.

Some day we hope you visit the church and the museum. For this pictorial tour we are presenting just a few of the highlights. However, before we enter the museum, let's start by looking at two of the flags in the church as well as one plaque. Not surprisingly, since this is the regimental church of the Fraser Highlanders, their colours are in the church.

Fraser Flag          Flag          Cameron Highlanders Plaque

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Between 1825 and 1851 the church also enjoyed the support of the Cameron Highlanders stationed in Quebec. For that period of time they and their families constituted a major part of the congregation. Their departure in 1851 left a big gap in the congregation. This plaque located within the church commemorates those who died while serving in Canada.

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