St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Quebec City
St. Andrew's Stained Glass Windows

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The windows of the church provide a fine example of 19th century stained glass. Only two of the windows, located in the ceiling, are of the 20th century. The four corner windows of the church which are shown first (above) are the original ones. Deceptive in their seeming simplicity, we observe the complexity of Celtic scroll work along with the St. Andrew's cross in the middle of some of the circles. The circle motif in Celtic scroll work is taken by most observers to be a symbol of eternity, that is without beginning or end, and hence the symbol of God. Many will enjoy trying to decipher the meaning of the symbols in these windows.

These windows were donated by families of St. Andrew's church in commemoration of loved ones. The families are Cooke, Wilkie, Morrin, Simpson, Gunn, Strang.  

This window is in memory of Daniel Wilkie, Rector of the High School of Quebec and nephew of Daniel Wilkie, prominent educator.
This window is dedicated to Joseph Morrin.
The upper yellow windows are the most recent addition to our church and date from the 1940's.
What is very unusual about this window is that it was donated by the Sunday school in the year 1876.

Above are additional stained glass windows, which can be found in the church.


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