St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Quebec City
Who We Are

St. Andrew's is the oldest English-speaking congregation of Scottish origin in Canada. The congregation began in the year 1759. The church building was erected in 1810, the Kirk Hall (the site of the oldest English School in the Province of Quebec) in 1829, and the Manse in 1837. A few feet from the manse and Kirk Hall stands the building now owned by the Literary and Historical Society and which housed Morrin College, an arts and theological college of our church between 1862 and 1902. Some would say that this is the chief historical site of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

The congregation is also known for two of its famous ministers: Dr. Alexander Spark, an eccentric but exceptionally brilliant man, who ministered here from 1784 until 1819, and Dr. John Cook, Minister from 1836 until 1883. Dr. Cook was the first Moderator of The Presbyterian Church in Canada (when the four Presbyterian bodies in Canada united), and also served as a Principal and later Chancellor of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and Principal of Morrin College from its formation in 1862 until the time of his death. The front entrance to St. Andrew's Church is located on a street named after him. It may be hard to believe that there actually is a street in Old Quebec named after a Presbyterian Minister but in fact such is the case.

The inner design of the church is unusual. The church is a rectangle with a large pulpit on the side rather than at the end, with a prominent communion table in front of the pulpit. The organ is in the gallery, formerly occupied by the Governor (in a time before there was an organ in the church) facing the pulpit. The congregation is gathered around the pulpit facing it, but also on both sides. There are also balconies at each end. The building gives the illusion of being small, however it can easily seat well over 600 people.

The congregation is no longer large, most in the English community long since having left Quebec City and the province. Those who remain however enjoy both the city and the province and find great joy in being here. The congregation is pleased to include French Canadian members who are happy to be part of the St. Andrew's family.

The services can fairly be described as traditional Presbyterian. Our organist works hard at presenting the best music of the church well-played each Sunday. Likewise the minister works hard at presenting biblical, thought-provoking sermons that exalt Christ. The main reason for our existence is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In an age of relativism we continue to affirm that we believe the Gospel because it is true.

We would be glad to have you visit us!

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